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Chairpersons Message

Dear Members,

Welcome to this 2020 brochure with thanks again to Graham Carter for it’s production along with Graham Voss for running the website.

This is my first year as Chairman, a role I am truly honoured, if a little surprised, to hold!  Ann has stepped down as Chairperson but thankfully has agreed to be Vice Chairperson.  Terry Hughes and John Henley have stepped down as joint Rally Secretaries along with Annette and Rose, they will be missed on the Committee and I would like to thank them for all their tireless work in providing us with the rallies this year.

Thanks to John Cowell for taking up the challenge of Rally Secretary along with Michael Jebb – Treasurer and Margaret Cowell – Secretary, Brian and Sid for their continued support.  Welcome also to Derek and my wife Shirley as new members to the committee.


Just looking at the forthcoming rallies, we have lots to thank our previous committee and of course our amazing Rally Marshals for, helping us to enjoy our pastime to the full.  All they ask in return for their hard work and time is for us, the members, to take advantage of these great rallies in this brochure.

We all have commitments and periods of not great health that prevents us from joining as many rallies as we may like, but if we can all try to do what we are able then this great club can endure these difficult times.  

 So, as this is the year 2020, it surely us the year of perfect vision!  So let’s all ‘see’ if we can do our best to ‘see’ our amazing country and even better company with friends old and new.

We ‘look’ forward to ‘seeing’ you on a forthcoming rally.

      John Hill