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NAME: The Club shall be known as the People Like Us (P.L.US) Retired Caravanners Club

OBJECT: To provide recreation facilities of caravanning for retired persons.

COMMITTEE: This shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Hon. Secretary,

Hon. Treasurer, Hon. Rally Secretary, plus a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of five (5) additional persons. Together they shall have responsibility of managing the Club.

QUORUM: Shall be defined as 50% of the elected committee, plus one (1). This is the minimum number of committee members that must be involved to make decisions on behalf of the Club. In the event that an urgent decision is required and insufficient committee members are present, additional votes may be obtained by phone or video conference.

TENURE OF OFFICE: Officers, and committee shall be elected to serve for a period of 2 years, and be eligible for re-election at the following Annual General Meeting (AGM)

APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP: Will be considered from persons who have reached the age of 55 years, and have retired from full time employment. They should be the owner of a caravan or motor-home unit. Applications to be made on the authorised application form, and acceptance shall be at the discretion of the executive committee.

CONDUCT OF MEMBERS: At all times members should conduct themselves in a responsible manner, and must observe both the Country Code, and The Club’s Code of Conduct.

PAYMENTS: Members must pay a joining fee, and an annual membership fee as set by members at an AGM. Annual fees shall be paid during the period commencing 1st November to 31st January

RALLYING: When rallying under the terms of a Touring Caravan Exemption Certificate the following will apply:

Only full members of the P.L.US Club may attend exempted rallies, and membership must have been granted in advance of any rally, and must be for a longer period than that associated with attendance at only one event.

The P.L.US Club will undertake not to over-use any venue, and will consider carefully before holding successive meetings at the same land.

(a) Caravans under Paragraph 6 Exemption: -

Paragraph 6 exemptions allow The P.L.US Club to arrange a meeting of its members only lasting up to 5 days (5 x 24hr consecutive periods) duration. The rally must be under the supervision of a member of the P.L.US Club appointed for the purpose.

(b) Caravans under Paragraph 4 Exemption: -

Paragraph 4 exemptions allow The P.L.US Club to arrange a meeting of its members only lasting up to 28 days (28 x 24hr consecutive periods) duration.

The rally must be under the supervision of a member of the P.L.US Club appointed for the purpose.

(c) Application for a Certificate of exemption: Must be made for all areas of intended rallies i.e. England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Contact details of which can be found in the Natural England “Camping & Touring Caravan Exemption Certificates: A Guide For Applicants”

RALLY ATTENDANCE: Members will at all times conduct themselves in an orderly manner, not giving any cause for complaints from local residents or fellow caravanners. They are advised to equip their caravan/motor-home with an extinguisher or fire bucket. Members must display a current membership disc in their caravan window.

RALLY MARSHALS: Two rally marshals shall be appointed to control the rally, and will be responsible for the running of the rally in an orderly manner with full responsibility at all times. They will ensure that units are spaced no less than 6 meters between units at their nearest point i.e. 9 meters from marker peg to marker peg, and that they are parked at the right hand side of the marker pegs. Emergency vehicles should be able to secure access to any unit on the site.

CHEMICAL & WASTEWATER DISPOSAL: Chemical, and wastewater must only be disposed of at the authorised disposal points. Chemical toilets must never be filled or rinsed out at a drinking water tap.

CLEANLINESS & TIDINESS: Ensure that you keep, and leave your pitch on the rally field in a clean, and tidy condition. Unless special arrangements are made, dry waste/litter must be taken home. Under no circumstances must litter be disposed of in chemical disposal points.

NOISE: Must be kept to a minimum at all times, especially after 23:00 hrs. Generators may only be used between 10:00 hrs, and 20:00 hrs. Please consider any local residents, and your neighbours, and only run it for as long as is necessary.

RALLY START TIME: All rallies start at 12:00hrs, unless otherwise stated in rally book. Rally marshals have lots of preparations to do before your arrival, so anyone arriving before the stated time causes them difficulties, and embarrassment.

DOGS: Must be kept on a lead at all times when outside your caravan/motor-home. Exercise them around the periphery of the site or rally field or off site where possible, and always clean up any mess.

SPEED LIMITS: The maximum speed is walking pace, 5 mph; this applies to all vehicles including visitors.

BOOKINGS: Please book as early as possible.

CANCELLATIONS: If for any reason you are unable to attend a rally, which has been booked, please notify the rally marshal as soon as possible.

COURTESY: As you leave the rally filed it only takes a minute to thank your marshal for their hard work.

SPECIAL MEETING: May be called if one third of the membership requests it. Giving 21 days notice to the Hon. Secretary, in writing, to ensure sufficient time to notify all members with the reason for calling this meeting.

ALTERATIONS: To these constitutions may only be made if consented to at an AGM. A clear majority of members present must approve any changes to be made.

Members are responsible for obeying this constitution at all times.

Amendments this issue:

1. The heading OFFICIALS has been replaced with COMMITTEE.

2. Under Committee heading, the post of Vice Chairman has been added.

3. Under Committee maximum of 6, has been changed to “a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of five (5) persons”

4. Details of a QUORUM added.

5. Grammatical change only - Members are responsible for obeying these constitutions at all times, has been changed to “Members are responsible for obeying this constitution at all times”.